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Armchair Styles, Quality & Budget

Sofanatic prides itself on providing the highest quality armchairs & sofas in the UK. Functional, designer armchairs are our specialty, take a look at our electrical recliners, or sets with adjustable headrests. Choose monthly payment options, with 0% interest.

All Sizes & Shapes For Any Room

Thinking what size armchair is right for you? We cover all sizes, tailored to your needs! Get a smaller, bespoke armchair for bedrooms. Or go larger and get high-end one to fill in your living room space, or maybe a 2, 3 seater combo. Looking for an armchair for your conservatory or greenery? How about one for reading? Sofanatic has it, so you’re sure to find one to fit your home’s size and suit your interior layout.

What’s the best armchair for a London flat? We suggest you use the space wisely with a 2 seater, 3 seater and armchair matching set. 360 Degree swivel armchairs are perfect for home offices or as a luxury gaming chair for your man-cave! Looking for a fancy, old-fashioned look? View our chesterfield armchairs with the classic buttoned look.

Choose Your Perfect Colour

You can choose several different and totally unique colours of fabric, velvet and leather armchairs for your home. Darker shades are great for homes with pets and children. This includes our beautiful navy, brown and black. If you prefer more neutral tones, we have heartwarming white, cream, and grey variations of fabric armchairs. These shades can turn you house into a home and really upgrade the home to become a luxurious place. We also love a bolder look, so take a look at some brighter shades, including blue, red, yellow, green and even pink sofas!

The Widest Range Of Materials

We don’t just provide fabrics for comfort and appearance, our range of fabrics have amazing qualities too. Discover unique styles such as a teddy bear boucle. Check out which ones will give you a waterproof armchair, or an easy-to-clean armchair, for homes with pets or children!

If you prefer a more classy look, our leather chesterfield is an option. You can choose between real, natural leather, or faux/fake, eco leather. Available in more than black, white, beige or grey – you can get a bright red, blue, green, or yellow leather armchair!

If you’re looking for a more high-end, designer look, then a velvet sofa is for you. Get a matte velvet for a tamed look, or go shiny/ glossy! You can even choose a crushed velvet armchair and sofa to add some glamour to your living room.

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