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Monolith fabric for sofas velvet shiny and waterroof with easy clean

Monolith - Waterproof, Shiny Velvet

‘Monolith’ is a soft, glossy velour that is characterised by its shine & colour change upon touch. Water repellent and extremely popular.

kronos fabric sofa with lots of colour options

Kronos - Basic Velour

Kronos is a soft Velour Plush that catches the light with a slight sheen. A wide range of strong, decisive colours.

Chill Me - Luxury Waterproof Fabric

‘Chill Me’ fabric is an extremely high quality Velvet. Water Blocking, pet friendly and exclusive, easy-clean technology. Multiple shades allow for exciting textures.

Eco/Faux Leather - Madryt

Faux Leather with a rich colour range. Please note, some sofas can only be partially made in this fabric for warranty & some may not be appropriate. Please read T&C’s.

luxury unique and fancy spark velvet sofa material

Spark Velvet - Luxury Waterproof Fabric

‘Spark Velvet’ is an excellent quality velvet fabric with Sparkles that capture light elegantly. Certain to upgrade any room. Water repellent and super high quality and thickness.

aston fabric weave for sofas cheap

Aston - Classic Weave

‘Aston’ fabric is a classic and beautiful material, with a soft touch and clear, two-tone effect with a resistance to abrasion.

cloud velvet premium quality with easy clean fabric for sofas

Cloud - Premium Soft Fabric

‘Cloud’ Fabric is a high quality, easy clean velour/velvet that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Manila - Basic

‘Manila’ is a basic, short haired velour with many colour options, perfect for those on a budget, or for secondary living rooms.

Gloss - Crushed Velvet

GLOSS VELVET is a perfect proposition if you are looking for a shiny fabric that will give glamour to your interior. This Velvet is characterized by longer hair and a strong shine which can make the furniture completely change your interior.

Aphrodite - Crushed Velvet

‘Aphrodite’ is a soft fabric with a velvet touch and super unique pattern. Perfect, if you want to add a hint of glamour in your interior.

Element - Premium Waterproof

‘Element’ fabric is a thick, high quality material with multiple tones to create unique textures and colours.

Crown - Soft Velour Weave

‘Crown’ fabric is a high quality fabric, characterised by its deep colours. Soft and resistant to piling, abrasion and pets.

lincoln fabric corduroy sofa material soft and resistant.

Lincoln - Premium Corduroy

‘Lincoln’ is a breathable fabric that is super soft and delicate, with a 10mm wide corduroy finish.

anthology teddy bear fabric for sofas comfy and cosy material

Anthology - Soft Teddy Fabric

Original and extremely soft fabric with specific bouclé texture and hidden delicate herringbone design. Developed in a wide range of colours – all in very elegant, natural shades. The fuzzy nature of this fabric pairs perfectly with curved or rounded pieces like asymmetrical sofas, armchairs and ottomans.

Austin - Basic Weave

The Austin is a fabric with a fine weave and a noticeable structure. The selected colors are modern and expressive, but they are not overwhelming, so they will be used in elegant interiors. The very properties of the material also encourage its use to a wider extent.

berlin basic weaved fabric for sofas, good for homes with pets

Berlin - Basic Weave

Berlin is a coarsely woven structured fabric with a light duo tone created by the use of diminishing fibres. The original appearance of the material will certainly make it possible to diversify the appearance of upholstered furniture, which at the same time will be characterized by high abrasion resistance.

Genesis - Towelly Fabric

A traditional chenille fabric with a modern twist. Most comparable to a beach towel fabric.

Inari - Basic Weave

The Inari fabric is characterized by a unique structural material that gives a unique look that perfectly harmonizes with the bright selection colour. The material is a great choice for upholstery purposes because it will ensure the comfort of such furniture upholstery that will be extremely durable and at the same time will work for years of use.

Jasmine - Pastel Velour

Jasmine fabric is very strong and resistant to abrasion. It works optimally on upholstery, but due to its designer profile, you can also use it on textiles. This gives great arrangement possibilities, both in modern and classic rooms. It is also worth appreciating the positive impact of its colour not only on visual perception, but even on the feelings of users.

Magnum - Soft Weave

Magnum fabric will work in classic and modern arrangements. This is related to both its execution and the colours itself, which is currently very popular in decorating. For this reason, there are many possibilities to compose interiors with its participation, thanks to which the collection adapts to modern concepts.

Now Or Never

Wonderfully soft and super unique boucle type fabric. Teddy bear style sofa material. An eye-catcher that creates warmth in any room.

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